One-One Sessions

Akashic Soul Readings

75 minutes deep dive into your Akashic Record.

Readings are a chance to ask questions about the landscape of your life.  You will answers from the Akashic guides alongside gentle but powerful energetic transmissions.

Womb Journeys

90 min one-one Session

An intimate dive into the womb,  with sound and guided energy transmission. Dissolving cords,  patterns, and contracts, healing and restoring the creative capacity and the radiant magnetic field.  We explore your sacred feminine ‘womb lineage, ‘ looking at your birth chart and exploring threads from your ancestry and past lives.

Rose Code Sessions

1 hour Reading, Re-tune and Energy Activation

Working with the subtle frequencies of the Rose codes and with the guides of the Rose Lineage. We begin with a reading into your current landscape and your specific needs.  We share an energetic activation through sound, movement, and mudra. Finally there are personalised practices to take away to align powerfully with this lineage of the Rose, and with your unique Soul service.


My inner journey began with a friend handing me Conversations with God in 1999. I read the whole book in one sitting on a beach in Melbourne. As I read the words: ‘If not you, who? If not now, when?’ something exploded inside me. You know when you have been called. It was not until meeting my spiritual teacher Mooji in 2008 that I experienced a spontaneous awakening. We might say, in one moment in a park, I stumbled into the undivided, timeless nature of reality.

I walked in parks in a state of bliss. I sat for hours beneath trees. For years, I had no preference to be in a body or not, I was immersed in a silence so beautiful. But it was difficult to relate to people. And there was childhood trauma that had never integrated… this made my beyond-the-body state preferable. Gradually, insistently, there was a calling to integrate the awakening back into the ground of my human experience. To take care of the trailing edges! This meant being willing to re-land in my body and meet old wounds, from presence, with deep compassion, no stone left unturned.     

In 2017 the Akashic Record descended into my life on the day my beloved mother Stella passed away. I heard as I picked up the book – ‘this is her final gift to you. This is what you do now.’ I had no idea what this meant, but I knew that it was true. The Akashic guides took me on a 30-day immersion into the Akashic Record, which helped me through the grief and became an intimate daily guide and reference point. True to their word, at the end of the 30 days, people started to come. A steady flow of people wanting readings, and from the beginning, there was a touch of magic. The guides poured through wisdom that was so high, yet human, all-encompassing and kind, alongside a transmission of love that moved people to tears. We have so little idea how loved we are by great parents and kind friends who know us better than we know ourselves.

Over the last two years, life has become increasingly more embodied, raw and beautiful. I live in the mountains of Spain in a town that has a wonderful international, alternative community. I live in Casa Magdelena, a haven of beauty nestled in the olive groves. I sing, dance, do Womb Yoga, play with my rescue animals and do work that lights up my Soul! It is such a gift to be able to live this way in harmony with nature and with my inner rhythms. I know this life has been made possible through following the inner guidance daily.

I am committed to offering spaces that we can explore being raw, divine, messy humans together, that we can learn how to listen to our inner wisdom and guidance. How to open, within our pain, and meet it with presence and kindness. I love to offer spaces where we can clear ourselves of inner clutter, sound, move our bodies, and re-tune our ears so that the radiance and beauty we are, on a Soul level, has space to land in our human experience.

Upcoming Events

Wise Woman’s Ways Retreat

September 15 - September 21

Mary Magdalene – Rose Codes day Workshop

August 28 @ 10:30 am - 5:00 pm

Rose Workshops

I share the mysteries of the Rose Lineage and the beautiful light codes woven into the Aramaic language of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. We explore this lineage, its secrets, its wisdom, and the deep abiding love and self-acceptance that it unlocks inside the heart. This work asks us to turn in and pour our love inside first. The guides of this lineage help us to understand how loved we really are… and gradually as we move and pray, sound and chant, we polish our vessels and our bodies so that higher frequencies of love and light can pour through and out into the world around us, transforming our whole living field. 

We are not promising the earth… changes take time! But what we chant we become. Our movement practises or spiritual practice informs our lives. And gradually, as this beauty pours out, it beautifies the things around us and the expression of our lives becomes more aligned with our soul.  

Akashic Soul Readings

Welcome to the Akashic Record

Entering the mystery of the Akasha, we find ourselves naked, face-to-face with the Selves we always knew we could be. It’s like looking into a mirror that reflects our greatness. We glimpse the extent of our human capabilities, retrieve the wisdom of past lives and glean the deeper purpose of our Souls.

What blocks us? Where are we going? How can we more fully express the gifts that we are? All these questions are answerable. Not in an elevated cosmic way. An Akashic Reading grounds its insights in the body. The Akashic guides speak in plain, kind words that our ears have been longing to hear. Their healing energy gently re-tunes, and flows back along ancestral lines, cleaning old threads, so we stand rooted in our ancestral wisdom, shining as the brilliance of our Soul inheritance.

Womb Work

A space to explore together, to allow the undoing of all that is no longer in service to integrity, sovereignty, true feminine wisdom. We journey through the inner maps and landscapes of the Womb discovering her voice, exploring her many qualities and listening to her messages. We align with the vitality and knowing that is inherent in our female bodies and our wombs. She is the unique bodily matrix through which weave, intuit and create as women.   
Our womb holds the imprint of all we have carried along our ancestral lines, alongside the seeds of our potential as we birth ourselves anew as authentic, embodied women. We can release the karma and re-write the womb template that we are living from. Creating from joy and renewed life-energy, the over-spilling of inherent radiance, rather than creating from cyclical patterns.