The Akashic Records

Perhaps we all have these moments where we collide with the Akashic Record.  When I was around 18 years old, I was staying in a grand stately home in England. In the midst of walking the grounds, I sat on a carved stone seat in a wall, which felt to have existed for centuries. I was a normal teenager, without mystical leanings. But suddenly, as I sat there, I felt the consciousness of all the beings who had sat on that stone seat before me.  I could feel them tangibly present.  I knew with certainty that all these beings; whatever lesson they had learned, whatever wisdom they had uncovered, upon their death, it went back into a collective pool — a repository of everything we have ever been or known.  I could feel this Collective Consciousness thick and humming around me. This was my unlikely introduction to the Akashic Record. 

Mystics and sages have long maintained that there exists an interconnecting cosmic field at the roots of reality that conserves and conveys information, a field known as the Akashic Record. 

 ‘Memory of Nature’ 

Within the Rose lineage, the Akashic Record is referred to as the Book of Life.   

During the time of the Essenes, all important decisions were made by consulting its wisdom and guidance. The Book of Life is referred to in the Egyptian scrolls and in ancient Christian and Jewish scriptures. It seems that our access to, and memory of, this great Book faded for a time… but its wisdom is returning out of necessity. During these intense times in our collective story, we need guidance, a re-tune, perhaps, with the song of our soul. And the guides are listening, they are here, they are wanting to speak. In my experience – just call, and they just waiting to shower their love into any given topic, to shine a spotlight on our human cracks and help us heal with untiring patience, clarity, wisdom and love.    


Readings are a chance to ask questions about the landscape of your life. You will receive answers from the Akashic guides, alongside gentle but powerful energetic transmissions.

How does a Reading work?

 We use the Pathway Prayer to open your Akashic Record. We ask to see you as you are known and loved in the Akashic Record —  there is a palpable acceleration in vibration. 

Carly will then give voice to what she sees within your Record. It is possible to ask questions.  Sometimes a loved one in Spirit will make themselves known.  Each reading is held and supported by the Akashic guides. Carly makes space for this by conveying what is seen, heard and felt. If appropriate, a specific healing may unfold, such as an ancestral healing or an energetic tie cutting. 

Sessions can be recorded, but the alignment that takes place is often as important as the words — this energetic activation permeates for many weeks after, guiding choices from the inside.

Reading exchange 
1 hour – £55 
75 minutes – £70   
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If you have been impacted by covid, or are struggling financially, you are welcome to reach out. It may be possible to make an arrangement.    

I offer workshops and courses teaching you how to read your own Akashic Record!   
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My Story with the Record

In 2017, on my birthday, I received a heart-stopping phone call that my dear mother Stella had collapsed. 

As I was being called from my house in Spain to her bedside in England, someone gave me an anchor. They said: ‘I think you need to work with the Akashic Record.’ 

In the hospital, at mum’s side as she slept, I ordered Linda Howe’s book: How to Read the Akashic Records. Then all attention was with my mother as we spent the most beautiful weeks: laughing, crying, talking, and singing. She was in such deep peace, everyone who came into her room was touched. 

Finally, one sunny October morning, as I sang the Gayatri mantra, my Mother passed into spirit. 

Less than half an hour later, the nurse knocked gently and kindly on the door. She said: ‘a package arrived for you.’ I took the package, still in shock, and lay it carefully on the bed next to mum. As I did so, I heard the words: 

‘This is her final gift to you.  This is what you do now.’ 

I did not know what this meant but I knew that it was true. I can honestly say that this day, my life completely changed. So entered the Akashic Record.  

When I began to open the Records, it was like: ‘But I know this!’ 

I worked with the Akashic guides every day for 30 days, and accessing the Record helped me through the grief and became an intimate guide and reference point.  I believe we all have an innate knowing of the Akasha inside ourselves – our Book of Life is a part of us, carried in our auric field.  In a way, entering our own Record is like a direct line to our higher self – and to the guides who’ve supported, perhaps from the moment we took birth.  Often they’ve been waiting a long time for us to turn in and listen. 

When I began to immerse in the Akashic Record, the guidance was so specific, and the vibration so high, the limiting patterns just could not stick anymore. They had survived my first awakening. But they began to fall away without effort and I was living with more clarity, ease and integrity than I’d ever known.    
If I again notice myself falling into old patterns, increasingly, I can put an arm around myself, and extend the radical compassion mantra – ‘of course’. 
Of course you said that.  Of course you felt like that.  I see you.  I see where you are coming from and I know how hard you are trying…’  I’ve become my own advocate, parent and best friend.  The guides, with their patience and compassion, have taught me how.    And from this radical self compassion, they help me to re-align myself with the the next step that is of highest benefit to my Soul. 

Since I began offering Akashic Readings to others, a flow of people come.  They seem to find me mysteriously, by word of mouth, and I feel the guides bring those who need to connect.   An Akashic session does need some willingness to apply oneself.   The guides are gentle but direct.   Often, alongside the powerful transmissions and guidance, they give homework.  Small tasks, meditations or daily actions that help people access their next highest shape. They are always helping us to break those ‘oh so familiar’ cyclical karmic patterns – so that we can open new doors, and live in the fresh landscape of our Soul. 

People often say when we open the Record: ‘it is like entering a warm bath of love!’

This is what I love the most. It’s really such a privilege to shine back to people how loved they are by guides and ‘loving friends’ who know them better than they know themselves. Often, as we sit, I witness something ‘switch back on.’ A belief in the wonder and magic of life – people’s eyes light up and they leave touched and shining. I’m so grateful to be in service to this.

The reading journeys with Carly were spot on, brought to light with so much truth and integrity, helping me balance decisions and gain insight and clarity in the most confusing moments. . Her gentle way of unfolding the hidden messages of the soul is, as I am sure, going to have an impact on many more to come… Thank you Carly for the beautiful much-needed work you offer.

Ligia Loali, Romania

Carly‘s Akashic Soul Readings are stunningly accurate, delivered through beautiful imagery, and carry deep wisdom and insight. My reading provided exactly the guidance I needed and carried me through a difficult time. I can warmly recommend Carly‘s work!

Ingeborg, Norway

I’m deeply honored to have met Carly on my path. Beauty, compassion & simplicity are the words coming first to my mind. Such a pleasure to meet her in those Akashic sessions, in a fun, gentle & loving way, allowing us to connect with timeless wisdom & get closer to our true essence.

Amandina, France