The Rose Codes

I share the mysteries of the Rose Lineage and the beautiful light codes woven into the Aramaic language of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.   

As a certified Magdalene Womb Yoga practitioner, and Free the Inner Voice facilitator, I weave flowing movement sequences, celestial communications and yoga kriyas together with voice work and mantra.  This combination is uniquely powerful. 

During Inner voicework, we discover how using the voice connects us with the ground, our power and our intuition.  There is a subtle inner listening, as we tune into ourselves, and the whole soundscape, that unlocks both our voice and our body-wisdom. We tone and sing with musical accompaniment and with our naked voices.  Sometimes we sing songs with simple harmonies, but mainly we explore the raw electricity that is unlocked when we let our voices travel freely. 

In this Rose lineage, we work specifically with toning and mantras in Aramaic. This language of the ancients has a uniquely healing and heart opening vibration.

Imagine, it was a summer evening and I was in a bell tent under the stars.  A friend picked up an acoustic guitar and as she started singing, all the hairs on my arms stood on end.  Tears ran down my face.  As she finished, after a deep silence, I asked, ‘What was that?’ 
‘That,’ she replied, ‘was Aramaic.’    

I knew immediately that I would learn these words and these songs.  I had never felt so close to ‘home.’  

Much like Sanskrit, Aramaic contains ‘codes of consciousness.’ As we tone, specific qualities are unlocked inside us. We journey deeper into peace, into Love, connectedness and bliss. 

I weave the toning, with mudhras and movements to bring us into deeper alignment with our own bodies, our inner knowing, and with the transmission of this beautiful Rose lineage. 

Often, what clients share with these mantras and activations is remembrance of ‘home.’ I think there is no more beautiful testimony than this.

The Rose Codes call us home to what we know. This timeless song of the Heart, ancient and yet newly discovered, ever resounding.

I hold workshops, courses and intimate one-one Rose Codes sessions and activations 

The Rose Lineage   

The Rose lineage is rooted in the Essene brothers and sisters, the secret communities who lived in nature at the time of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. They drew inspiration from the great wisdom schools of the day – Druidic, Egyptian, Persian, Himalayan, and Shekinah Judaism. But most of all they believed in Love; and in community, respect, equality and balance, dividing their time between work and prayer; worshipping Father above and Earth Mother below.

Who were Yeshua and Mary Magdalene? 

There is such a revival of interest in these two, it comes like a fire in the heart. What is this the template of divine masculine and feminine that they hold for us? 

It’s a template that endures thousands of years and unlocks a unique fragrance of love and yearning inside our hearts.  An aspiration to be the goodness that we are.

They represent the marriage of all opposites and becoming the ‘yihidaya’ – the unified one.  There is something mystical about their Love.  Something we long to be, and somehow know in our deepest hearts that we are

Yeshua and Mary are free beings, lit with a spirit light that is radiant and transcendent. But most importantly, they have not left their humanity.  They walk with human understanding and kindness.

I once asked Mary Magdalene, during a channelled session, about enlightenment.  ‘Should we seek to transcend this realm of duality and become free?’

She replied ‘I came in last with the lepers, the lame and the lonely – and none were left behind. ‘

I found this answer beautiful.  I am not in a hurry.  I am free.  And I will stay to the last of the last with my hand on the back of the weakest one, until all are safely home.

Is this a realistic template for our times?  Can we be both, lit from within with a radiant spirit light, and deeply human? Kind, unhurried.  Willing to raise our brothers and sisters up with us?  

Yeshua and Mary Magalene hold out their simple template of ‘goodness’ to us.   

We can live kind and peaceful lives by respecting nature and each other and by following the knowing of our hearts.  By slowing down so that we can hear it speak inside us.  When we feel lost, we can draw down guidance from above.  Direct from spirit through prayer and inner listening, from the angelic realms, or from Yeshua and Mary themselves. They are here for us.  This way we enter the ‘garden of mystery,’ hand in hand.  Like children in wide-eyed wonder at the beauty we find inside and all around us. 

Womb Work

These deep journeys travel through the inner maps and landscapes of the Womb. Unlocking her power, life-force and magnetism, through which, gradually as we heal and rebalance, we can attract what we need and filter out what we don’t need. She is the unique bodily matrix through which weave, intuit and create as women. 

As the centre of our life-giving power, our womb holds the imprint of all we’ve been throughout our lives, and all we’ve carried from our ancestral lines, alongside the seeds of our potential, as we birth ourselves anew as authentic embodied women. We can release the karma carried along ancestral lines and re-write the womb template that we’re living and manifesting from. Creating from joy and renewed life-energy, rather than recreating from cyclical patterns. 

Through courses and workshops, we explore maps like the Womb Grail from the Flower of Life School of Seren and Azra Bertrand. The six Wombs and their unique characteristics – as outlined and mapped in Magdalene Womb Yoga – a feminine yoga school in which I am an accredited facilitator.

We explore the feminine archetypes carried within our womb heritage – meeting Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary as embodiments of the red and white streams of our lineage, as templates we can draw and resource ourselves from. Meeting Lilith and Eve as the guardians of our Power and Love, who encourage us to merge these two potent forces within us.  The extraordinary creative power that surges forth, as we awaken the Womb, merges with the integrity and Love of our hearts. Rightly, our Heart-womb is one vessel, we might imagine her like a chalice, and as alchemy occurs in this chalice, transmuting our shadow material, we can create from the Love-power alliance. This brings radiance, alignment, precision and flow.

We use our voices and simple movement sequences to open deeper into our wombs and to become intimate with her many qualities, sensations, messages and gifts. We write from her, draw from her – dance and let ourselves be moved by her.   

We learn how to map our menstrual cycles and the moon cycles, to come into a sweet synchronicity with ourselves and our external environment, knowing how to best harness the energy of our blossoming and our resting times.  

We ground sessions with gentle sound, yoga nidra or meditation to digest and integrate all the energies we have moved.